JAS Marine Announces Release of New Boat – JAS Marine 350 C Series

JAS Marine Announces Release of New Boat – JAS Marine 350 C Series

JAS Marine Announces Release of New Boat – JAS Marine 350 C Series

By Jas Marine Aug 19th 2022

Jas Marine, one of the leading authorities in the boat manufacturing industry in UAE, specializing in the building and design of exquisite boats and yachts for recreational purposes, pleasure, and fishing, is thrilled to announce the release of its newest groundbreaking boat design–JAS Marine 350 C Series.

Headquartered in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, Jas Marine has been in the business of building custom boats and yachts for decades and has in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise in the designing of boats and yachts with unmatched quality and durability.

With an emphasis on providing premium quality for clients, Jas Marine works with the finest craftsmen and technicians who team up to bring about ingenious and unprecedented designs in their crafts. Jas Marine is known for always evolving with current trends and this has helped secure its spot in the marketplace and in the hearts of clients.

“At JAS Marine, we build each of our Boats with impeccable craftsmanship and sky-high attention to detail. All our boats are hand-built one at a time, by some of the finest craftsmen and technicians. In JAS Marine we strive to bring the same pride and craftsmanship to every project we do.”

Founded by Mohammed Alshaali, a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich heritage in the Boating Industry, Jas Marine is dedicated to building sensational boats and yachts with unparalleled performance to enable clients to cruise with confidence and grandeur.

It is important to add that although Jas Marine lays great emphasis on building aesthetically pleasing boats and yachts, the aesthetics never compromises the quality and functionality of the boats and vice versa. Jas Marine merges aesthetic and functionality seamlessly to give clients and out of a world experience on the sea, and this reiterates why the company is touted to be one of the best boat companies in UAE.
With a plethora of incredible custom-built boats and yachts, Jas Marine is committed to providing clients with only the best boats and an amazing experience.